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CPC³ Lecture—A Counter to the Culture of Death: Joseph Ratzinger's Theology of Creation

Dr. Andrew Kaethler

Academic Dean & Associate Professor of Theology

Dr. Andrew Kaethler grew up in the Lower Mainland. He received a B.A. in Christianity and Culture from TWU as well as an M.A. in Religion, Culture, and Ethics. Following his MA, Andrew spent a year running (actually sanding, spraying, and brushing) his own painting company before his wife fortunately encouraged him to pursue teaching. Surprisingly, this led Andrew and his family to Eastern Europe, Lithuania to be precise. Here at LCC International University, Andrew taught philosophy, theology, and cross-listed English/theology courses for four years and during this time discovered his love and passion for teaching. After four years and two additional children he moved to St Andrews, Scotland, where he spent four years working on a Ph.D. in systematic theology at the University of St Andrews. Although he did not golf in Scotland, he did participate in the consumption of haggis, drank a few drams of whiskey, and danced at the odd Ceilidh. It was in Scotland, the land of the fiery reformer John Knox, that Andrew and his family were received into the Catholic Church, a ‘conversion’ process that began at TWU almost twenty years earlier.

Publications include “The (Un)Bounded Peculiarity of Death: The Relational Implication of Temporality in Alexander Schmemann and Joseph Ratzinger” in Modern Theology; “‘I Become a Thousand Men and yet Remain Myself’: Self-Love in Joseph Ratzinger and Georges Bernanos” in Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture; “Freedom in Relationship: Joseph Ratzinger and Alexander Schmemann in Dialogue” in New Blackfriars; “Eucharistic Anthropology: Alexander Schmemann’s Conception of Beings in Time” in The Resounding Soul: Reflections on the Metaphysics and Vivacity of the Human Person; and Introduction and Annotations to Georges Bernanos’ Joy. Edited with Sotiris Mitralexis, Between Being and Time: From Ontology to Eschatology; "Mary, Unity, and the Pathos for Equality: Alexander Schmemann’s ‘Scandalous' Embrace of Difference" in Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture; "Manifesting Persons: A Church in Tension” in Analogia: The Pemptousia Journal for Theological Studies; “The God Who Draws Near to Us: A Ratzingerian Approach to Christology, Eschatology, and Protology” in Path: Pontificia Academia Theologica. "Royal Priests and the Integrity of Things" in Humanum (*see link below).

If his gaggle of geese - aka his six children - were not so cute and time consuming, his hobbies would include guitar, tennis, cross-fit (a really wimpy version of it), and eating pasta in Italy. In the very little spare time he has - the 30 minutes before he goes to sleep - he loves to immerse himself in good literature; his favourite novelists include Charles Dickens, Graham Greene, Evelyn Waugh, David Adams Richards, John Steinbeck, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Robertson Davies.
Check out some online pieces by Dr. Kaethler:
     • *Article in Humanum—"Royal Priests and the Integrity of Things"

     • Interview on Mars Hill Audio Summer 2023

     • Article in New Blackfriars—"It is Good for Us to Be Here: Joseph Ratzinger's Christocentric Doctrine of Creation in Response to Anti-Natalism"

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The Man of the Eight Beatitudes

Fr. David Bellusci, OP

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Theology

Father David Bellusci belongs to the Dominican Order founded by Saint Dominic in 1216. Having obtained his canonical licentiate in theology, Father Bellusci completed his doctorate in philosophy at the Dominican University College in Ottawa. His research and publications have focused on St. Augustine, Thomist Ethics, and the Italian Renaissance/16th century Humanism. Father Bellusci has taught in Canada, South Africa, Colombia, and India and he continues with his pastoral ministry in Rome in the summer months. His areas of teaching/research/writing include Ancient/ Medieval/ Modern Philosophy, Renaissance Humanism, St. Thomas Aquinas/Moral Theology, Scriptures, Church History, and Catholic Spirituality. Father Bellusci also completed an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Nebraska. With his background in Creative Writing, Father Bellusci has published in Canadian and international poetry journals. His academic and poetry books are available at the TWU/Norma Marion Alloway Library. Father Bellusci is a member of the Canadian Jacques Maritain Association, the Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies, and the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference. He joined the CPC faculty in 2017.

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CPC³ Lecture: Scripture as Incarnation

Dr. David Henderson

Assistant Professor of Theology

Dr. David Henderson is a native of the Lower Mainland and received his B. A. in Christianity and Culture from TWU. He also holds a Masters of Theology from Regent College and a doctorate in Moral Theology from the Saint John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. David has authored essays on ecology and sexual ethics and is an assistant editor of the online review journal Humanum. In 2022, he contributed the article, "The Participation of Making," to the Humanum Online Review (see link below). Having converted to Catholicism in 2013, David brings an interest for theological aesthetics, the conflict between ancients and moderns, and the ongoing reception of the Second Vatican Council. He currently lives with his wife and two children in Langley, BC.

"The Participation of Making":

Dr. Henderson at Humanum

Vic Cavalli

Sessional Instructor - ENGL 105 - Fiction in a Catholic Context; ENGL 106 - Poetry & Drama in a Catholic Context

Vic Cavalli, Assistant Professor of English at TWU, brings to Catholic Pacific College his expertise in both early-modern religious literature and in creative writing.  His research on Robert Southwell has been published in Recusant History, Faith & Reason, and Ushaw Magazine.  His creative work (fiction, poetry, and visual art) has been published in literary journals in North America, England, Australia, and New Zealand.

Area of Expertise: Early-modern Religious Literature; Creative Writing

Research: Youth culture; Anthropology of identity; Tribalism; Hip hop culture; Theological dimensions of Heavy Metal culture; Emerging Canadian authors; Literature and the Visual Arts.

Education: B.A. (St. Thomas University); M.A. (University of British Columbia)

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Dr. Melinda Kingsbury

Sessional Instructor - ENGL 105 CP - Fiction in a Catholic Context

Dr. Melinda Spencer Kingsbury grew up in the United States and has lived in Vancouver since 2005.   She received a Ph.D. in English with a minor in Renaissance Studies from Indiana University in 2016.  She has taught composition and introductory literature courses at several post-secondary institutions and has published articles on Spenser, Shakespeare, as well as George Orwell.  Her dissertation, ‘The Counterfait in personation’: Prosopopoeia and Elizabethan Fictionality in Female-Voiced Complaint Poetry of the 1590s, investigates how poets of the English Renaissance understood fictional characterization specifically as a means of effecting readers’ spiritual transformation and virtuous practice.  Her current book project extends the dissertation’s findings to fictional characterization in Shakespearean drama.  

Dr. Kingsbury lives in East Vancouver with her family and attends St. Francis of Assisi parish.

    Ph.D. (Indiana University, Bloomington) English. Minor: Renaissance Studies.
    M.A. (University of Kentucky) English. Graduate Certificate in Social Theory.
    B.A. (University of Utah) English. Minors: Philosophy and Women’s Studies.

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CPC³ Lecture: St. John Paul II and the Human Person

Dr. Carly Henderson

Sessional Instructor - Theology

Dr. Carly Henderson is originally from the Midwest of the United States. She first earned her BA in English Literature at Saint Mary’s College at Notre Dame, IN. After that, she studied at The Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies in Marriage and Family in Washington, DC, where she received a masters degree and doctorate in theology. Her main theological interests center around the theology of St. John Paul II and theological anthropology, specifically in regards to sexual difference, feminism, maternity, and Mariology. Since 2021, she has lived in Langley, BC with her husband, Dr. David Henderson, and their two young children. In what spare time she can find, she enjoys baking, photography, reading, watching a good movie or show, and exploring BC with her family.

Publications include: "Arriving at Mediation through Maternity: Understanding 'Maternal Mediation' in John Paul II" in Communio (*see link below); "Marriage and the Monarchy" in Humanum (**see link below).

*"Arriving at Mediation through Maternity: Understanding 'Maternal Mediation' in John Paul II" in Communio:

**"Marriage and the Monarchy" in Humanum:

Dr. C Henderson at Humanum

Dr. Germain McKenzie

Sessional Instructor - Theology

Germain McKenzie is a Peruvian-Canadian theologian and sociologist who earned a Ph.D. in Religion and Culture from the Catholic University of America (Washington, D.C.). His academic interests focus on the intersection of Catholic theology and sociology, and on Catholic ecclesiology and the mission of the Church in postmodernity. Lastly, he also studies minority religions in Latin America.

He has been an activist for Catholic-inspired social change in Latin America and has served poor communities in the shanty towns of Lima, his city of birth, for more than 10 years. In this connection he has published peer-reviewed articles on social ethics: “Medellin: 30 Years After” and “John Paul II’s Reconciliation Proposal for Latin America.”

He currently teaches at St Mark’s College in Vancouver. He has worked for various Peruvian universities and has also taught at Niagara University, in Lewiston, New York. While conducting his doctoral studies, Dr. McKenzie was awarded by his alma mater with the Hubbard Dissertation Fellowship, and by the Canadian Consortium for the Study of Religion with the Travel Scholarship for Doctoral Students. He also worked as Research Assistant for the Hispanic Ministry Organizational Culture Project, carried out by the Institute for Public Research and Catholic Studies (Washington, D.C.)

He currently lives in Surrey with his wife, Giuliana.


Interpreting Charles Taylor’s Social Theory on Secularization and Religion: A Comparative Study. New York: Springer, 2016.

Lay Associations and Ecclesial Movements. St. Catharines, ON: Office of Evangelization, 2010. (Edited).

Contemporary Cultural Trends in Peru. Lima: Universidad Catolica Sedes Sapientiae, 2010. Entries in Edited Books

“Atheism and Religious Nones in Spanish Latin America,” in Michael Ruse and Stephen Sullivant, eds., The Cambridge Handbook of Atheism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021.

“Buddhism in Peru,” in Henri Gooren, ed., Encyclopedia of Latin American Religions. New York: Springer, 2019.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles

“Exploring Soto Zen in Peru,” Revista de Estudios de Religião, 16. 3 (2016): 174-196.

“John Paul II’s View on Faith and Culture: What Does it Say to Us in Canada Today?” Fidelitas (Summer-Fall 2014): 38-55.

“A Glance to the Medellin Document, After Thirty Years,” Revista VE 40 (May-August 1998): 45-71.

“Doctrinal Insights of the Reconciliation Proposal of John Paul II for Latin America,” Revista VE 36 (January-April 1997): 65-90.


Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., USA – Ph.D. in Religion and Culture

Pontifical School of Theology of Lima, Peru – M.T.S. & M. Div. in Practical Theology

Pontifical School of Theology of Lima, Peru – B. Th.

Professional Societies

College Theological Society

Society of Catholic Social Scientists

Canadian Consortium for the Study of Religion

Dr. David Baird

Visiting Professor of Theology

B.A. English Literature, Wheaton College
M.A. Theology and Philosophy, University of Oxford
M.Litt. Theology, Imagination, and the Arts, University of St Andrews
Ph.D. Divinity, University of St. Andrews.

Dr. Baird's research focuses on theology and culture, with particular interests in Christianity's intersections with story and film. He is currently working on projects related to the early writings of G.K. Chesterton, the theology of Holy Saturday, and the theological significance of postapocalyptic zombie fiction.

At Oxford he served as president of the C.S. Lewis Society, and is currently assistant subject editor for the Journal of Inklings Studies.

He has also published poetry with Sehnsucht and The Christendom Review, and writes film reviews for Thinking Faith and The B.C. Catholic.

Dr. Baird at Word on Fire